FINA3020 International Finance

Course FINA3020 International Finance | Course Outline


Professor Chuck C. Y. Kwok
University of South Carolina

A scholar in International Finance and a pioneering researcher in the field of culture and finance. President-Elect of the Academy of International Business.

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Teacher Professor Chuck C. Y. Kwok
Distinguished Business Partnership Foundation Fellow,
Professor of International Business, Moore School of Business,
University of South Carolina
Visiting Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Course Description This course aims to analyse international monetary relations and problems. Major areas of discussion include basic concepts and analysis of the balance of payments, the foreign exchange market, determination of spot and forward exchange rates, international capital flows, the payments adjustment mechanism, international monetary problems and arrangements, and international debt and its development.
Prerequisite(s) FINA2010 Financial Management;
FINA2011 Introduction to Financial Markets;
FINA2110 Financial Management: Foundations and Analysis;
FINA2310 Fundamentals of Business Finance
or permission from the OAL Office
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