MKTG4080 Internet Marketing

Course MKTG4080 Internet Marketing







Dr. Martin Wetzels
Maastricht University

Top researcher in the latest breakthrough of marketing including digital marketing, innovation management and marketing research

Teacher Dr. Martin Wetzels
Professor and Chair in Marketing and Supply Chain Research,
Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management,
School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University
Visiting Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description The Internet is having a profound effect on the conduct of marketing as we move towards the new millennium. The Internet presents a fundamentally different environment for marketing, and new paradigms will have to be developed to take account of marketing activities in the electronic age. This course focuses primarily on the impact of the Internet on marketing, marketing research with Internet, consumer behaviour on the Internet, and marketing strategies in the Internet age.
Prerequisite(s) MKTG2010 Marketing Management