PSYC1000 General Psychology

Course PSYC1000 General Psychology | Course Outline


Dr Jennifer Lau
King’s College London

Specialist in developmental psychopathology

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Teacher Dr Jennifer Lau
Associate Professor in Developmental Psychopathology,
Institute of Psychiatry Psychology, and Neuroscience,
King’s College London
Visiting Scholar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Course Description A broad-based introduction to the study of behaviour and mental processes. This course is suitable for students who might be interested in taking further courses in psychology. Topics include learning, development, psychotherapy, the brain and states of consciousness, sensation and perception, memory, social behaviour, personality, psychological disorders, coping and health, stress, and others.
Prerequisite(s)  —
Remark(s) Not for students who have obtained grade E or above in Psychology in HKALE or equivalent (including GCEAL but not HKASL) or obtained grade 3 or above in Psychology in the AP Examination.
Not for CUHK students who have taken UGEC2581 or UGED2581.