UGEA2180 Chinese Culture and Society

Course UGEA2180 Chinese Culture and Society | Course Outline


Dr. Kevin Latham
University of London

Seasoned lecturer specialized in social anthropology and
anthropology of media

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Teacher Dr. Kevin Latham
Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology,
Department of Anthropology and Sociology, SOAS,
University of London
Visiting Scholar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Course Description This course provides an anthropological approach to China. Discussions concentrate on major cultural and social institutions of China, both traditional and contemporary, such as family, marriage, kinship, lineage and clan, economic system, religion and value orientation.
Prerequisite(s)  —
Remark(s) Not for Anthropology Majors and CUHK students who have taken ANTH2410.
Co-requisite: UGFH1000 or UGFN1000 (only applicable to CUHK students admitted to the 4-year curriculum).