UGEB1307 Energy and Green Society

Course UGEB1307 Energy and Green Society

Professor H.S. Udaykumar
University of Iowa

Leading expert in mechanical engineering with a focus in
renewable energy systems

Teacher Professor H.S. Udaykumar
Professor, Mechanical Engineering,
University of Iowa
Visiting Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description This course is designed to help students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the global energy crisis and environmental issues our society is currently facing. The history of energy consumption shows how important energy is to the quality of life for the human beings. With the further development and the increase of the world population, our society is challenged by an unprecedented energy demand in 21st century. At the same time, the global warming and climate changes are also causing more and more attentions. How can we meet the future energy demand? What are the energy options we currently have and what are their impacts on the environment? How can we meet our energy needs without deteriorating the environment? The first half of this course will tackle the above-raised questions by examining our current energy options and their respective impacts on the environment. Then, to address both the energy and environmental concerns, possible routes to develop a green society will be discussed in the second half of this course with a focus on renewable energy resources, smart grid, eco-friendly vehicles, and carbon sequestration and carbon audit. (No technical background is required)
Remark(s) Not for Energy Engineering; Energy and Environmental Engineering; and Mechanical and Automation Engineering Majors.

Co-requisite: UGFH1000, UGFN1000 or UGFN1001 (only applicable to students admitted to the 4-year curriculum)