URSP2100 Urban Sustainability


Course URSP2100 Urban Sustainability | Course Outline


Dr. Jerry Anthony
University of Iowa

Renowned researcher and lecturer in urban and regional
planning, focusing on land use, growth management, housing
and international planning

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Teacher Dr. Jerry Anthony
Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning,
University of Iowa
Visiting Scholar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Course Description This course explores theories and practices pertaining to urban sustainability, focusing on the fundamental issue that gives rise to the notion of sustainability—the integrity of the Earth’s life-supporting system. It examines global and local environmental issues, as well as consequential socioeconomic problems, arising from urban development and continuous urban growth. It also explores existing and emerging approaches to urban sustainability. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to contemplate on the core of the quest of urban sustainability—the relationship between humans and nature.
Prerequisite(s)  —
Remark(s) Not for Journalism and Communication Majors and CUHK students who have taken COMM2140.
Co-requisite: UGFH1000 or UGFN1000 (only applicable to CUHK students admitted to the 4-year curriculum).