IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business

Course IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business | Course Outline







Dr. John Lai
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Famed academic of international business practices and recipient of numerous teaching awards

Teacher Dr. John Lai
Senior Lecturer of Department of Management
Co-Director, Master in Management
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate knowledge acquired from their business studies in generating a project/research study on the business issues in Asia with the guidance of a teacher.
Remark(s) This course is suitable for the Business students in the senior year.

If you wish to take IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business at the ISS July Session, you must take it together with a second course (i.e. you cannot take IBBA4010 alone at the ISS). You cannot withdraw from the second course; it must also be a morning course since the class time of IBBA4010 will be in the afternoon. IBBA4010 will start earlier than the regular ISS programme and you will be required to arrive Hong Kong on 13 June 2018. Application deadlines will be on 15 April 2018 (non-CUHK students) and 30 April 2018 (CUHK students).

More information is available HERE.