MGNT2040 Managing Human Capital

Course MGNT2040 Managing Human Capital | Course Outline







Professor Mark C. Bolino
University of Oklahoma

Award-winning teacher and researcher who studies organizational behavior, human resources, and international business, with a focus on how organizations can increase employee engagement and performance

Teacher Professor Mark C. Bolino
Professor and Michael F. Price Chair in International Business,
Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma
Visiting Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description Human capital is an essential resource in organizations. Identifying, attracting, recruiting, retaining, and motivating human capital is critical for organizational success. Drawing on behavioral science concepts and theories, we examine topics including job analysis, manpower planning, recruitment, training and development, performance management, compensation and motivation, benefit, employee relations, and employee security and safety.
Prerequisite(s) HTMG1010 Management of Hospitality Business;
MGNT1010 Introduction to Business; or
MGNT1020 Principles of Management