CLCP3323 Oral Skills Practice III (Putonghua)

Course CLCP3323 Oral Skills Practice III (Putonghua) | Course Outline
Class Time 14:30 – 17:15; Every Monday to Friday
Class Location TBC
Teacher Teachers from Yale-China Chinese Language Centre
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description An intermediate course designed to students who have completed CLCP2233, CLCP2243 and CLCP2253 or CPTH2233, CPTH2243 and CPTH2253. For students who have not completed any of the above courses, they are invited to join the Putonghua placement offered by CLC. Students who have completed higher level of similar Putonghua courses are not allowed to take this course.

Course contents focus on students’ fluency in speaking practice with newly acquired vocabulary and grammar points. Topics include various aspects on Chinese language and culture.

Prerequisite(s)  —
Remark(s) Only available in bundle course CLCP-L3.
Simplified Chinese characters will be used in lessons. Traditional Chinese version of textbook will be provided if needed.