CUSA1003 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: An Introduction

Programme CUSA1003 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology:
An Introduction

CUSA1003 分子生物學和生物技術導論










CUHK Organising Unit Science Academy for Young Talent,
Centre for Promoting Science Education
Host Institution / Organisation
Programme Overview The structure of DNA was discovered by Watson and Crick in 1953. Since then, molecular biology has been developed rapidly and changed our lives in many ways. Another important milestone in biotechnology was the invention of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) by Kary Mullis in 1983 to amplify DNA. One of the well-known examples using these new technologies is the production of recombinant insulin by bacteria for the treatment of diabetes. Now, these topics become part of the new senior secondary biology curriculum in Hong Kong. To prepare students for these challenges, this course aims at helping students to learn the major concepts and methods of molecular biology and biotechnology. Topics include DNA structure, principles of molecular biology and application of recombinant DNA technology. Students will gain hands-on experience in culturing bacteria, introducing foreign DNA into bacterial cells (bacterial transformation) for recombinant protein production, running PCR and using DNA electrophoresis for paternity test.


沃森(Watson)和克里克(Crick)於1953年解構了脫氧核醣核酸(DNA)的結構。從那時起,分子生物學得到迅速的發展,改變了我們生活的許多方面。及後凱利穆利斯(Kary Mullis)於1983年發明的聚合酶鏈反應(Polymearse Chain Reaction) DNA擴增技術,亦是生物科技另一個重要的里程碑。結合這些新技術,其中一項比較著名的應用,是利用細菌生產重組胰島素作治療糖尿病之用。現在分子生物學課題已成為香港新高中生物課程的一部分。為迎接這個挑戰,本課程旨在幫助學生加深認識/了解分子生物學和生物技術的概念和方法。主題包括DNA的結構,分子生物學原理和重組DNA技術的應用。學生將親身體驗如何將外來DNA放入細菌內(細菌轉化)生產重組蛋白,怎樣進行聚合酶鏈反應(PCR)和如何應用DNA電泳鑑定親子關係等。

Programme Period 24 Jul – 27 Jul 2018
Location(s) Science Centre, CUHK, Hong Kong
Programme Nature
  • Academic Studies
Target Students
  • Hong Kong students
Level of Study Requirement
  • Secondary school
Type of Programme Non credit-bearing programme
Programme Fee HKD 3,100
Accommodation No
Application Period 02 Apr – 18 May 2018
Application Details Online Application
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