CUSA1035 Mysteries in the Atomic World

Programme CUSA1035 Mysteries in the Atomic World


CUSA1035 原子世界的奧秘











CUHK Organising Unit Science Academy for Young Talent,
Centre for Promoting Science Education
Host Institution / Organisation
Programme Overview This course will bring students to retrace the thinking paths of physicists in the early 20th century to unravel the mysteries of atoms. The course includes lectures, experiments, and a visit. Students will glimpse through the basic concepts of quantum physics, such as wave particle duality, quantization, wave function and its probabilistic interpretation, spin, and their applications to understand some atomic and nuclear phenomena, including energy levels in atoms, atomic spectra, formation of molecules, as well as a more advanced topic on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is now widely applied to medical imaging.


Students will gain hands-on experience in using modern laboratory equipment to measure atomic spectra, and determine the charge mass ratio of electron. A visit to a company in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park will also be included to let students see the operation of a medical MRI machine.






Programme Period 23 Aug – 01 Sep 2018
Location(s) Science Centre, CUHK, Hong Kong
Programme Nature
  • Academic Studies
Target Students
  • Hong Kong students
Level of Study Requirement
  • Secondary school
Eligibility S4 – S6 students who have basic knowledge on mechanics and waves
Type of Programme Non credit-bearing programme
Programme Fee HKD 3,250
Accommodation No
Application Period 03 Apr – 18 May 2018
Application Details Online Application
Programme Website