CUSA2043 An Ocean of Inspiration and Beauty

Programme CUSA2043 An Ocean of Inspiration and Beauty


CUSA2043 海洋啟示錄











CUHK Organising Unit Science Academy for Young Talent, Centre for Promoting Science Education
Host Institution / Organisation
Programme Overview The oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and is the biggest biome on Earth as well as the most important component of the biosphere. Being the crater of life on Earth, the ocean is also the crucial factor for maintaining life on Earth. In the history of mankind, the oceans have been admired and greatly respected for its significance in the exploration of nature, as well as in the development of human civilization. This course intends to offer an overview of the oceans from perspectives such as culture, history, science, philosophy and arts; as well as to acknowledge the importance of the oceans to mankind and other life forms on Earth. The core concepts include the roles played by the oceans in the development of human civilization, the impact and reliance of human beings on the oceans, ocean processes and the physical, chemical and biological properties of the oceans, diversity of marine ecosystems and marine organisms, how marine organisms solve their specific problems and provide inspirations for solving human problems, the importance of the oceans in maintaining global climatic and ecological balances, as well as how we should protect, conserve and sustainably exploit the oceans for our future generations and all life forms on Earth. Students will visit the Simon F.S. Li Marine Science Laboratory to interact with marine organisms and appreciate their genius designs and beauty.



Programme Period 10 Aug – 24 Aug 2018
Location(s) Science Centre, CUHK, Hong Kong
Programme Nature
  • Academic Studies
Target Students
  • Hong Kong students
Level of Study Requirement
  • Secondary school
Eligibility S4 – S6 students
Type of Programme Non credit-bearing programme
Programme Fee HKD 3,300
Accommodation No
Application Period 03 Apr – 18 May 2018
Application Details Online Application
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