CCSS2450 Business and China (FULL)

Course CCSS2450 Business and China | Course Outline


Dr. Chen Li
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Experienced international researcher focusing on issues related to China’s economic development, business environment and public policies


Class Time 14:30 – 17:30; Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Teacher Dr. Chen Li
Assistant Professor, Centre for China Studies,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Course Description Twenty-first century capitalism has been marked by an increasing international economic interdependence. Modern multinational firms from the high-income countries have spread their businesses across the world just as the Chinese economy has undergone dramatic transformations. This course examines the rise of modern multinational companies, the revolutionary changes in the structure of global business systems since the 1970s, and China’s enterprise reforms in a global context. It will involve theoretical and macro-level analysis with detailed empirical analysis, as well as considerable examination of in-depth case studies from large Chinese firms.