MKTG2010 Marketing Management (FULL)

Course MKTG2010 Marketing Management | Course Outline

Professor Andy Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Internationally acclaimed creative director with experience in major industry-leading marketing agencies


Professor Fan, Tingting
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Leading researcher in the latest breakthroughs of marketing and winner of CUHK Education Award 2018

Class Time 14:30 – 17:30; Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Teacher Professor Andy Wong
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies)
Faculty of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong KongProfessor Tingting FAN
Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong
Course Description This course is devoted to the study of the management of marketing functions, the analysis of external forces affecting marketing decision making, the implementation and control of marketing activities, and an examination of the global impact of marketing. Course objectives include the development of students’ understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying the selection and assessment of markets and the development and delivery of products, an investigation of the role and contribution of marketing to the conduct of successful business operation and to society, and to develop student abilities in identifying marketing opportunities and viable marketing strategies.