BCME1105 Introduction to Chinese Medicine

Course BCME1105
Introduction to Chinese Medicine







Class Date 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23 July 2019
(24 and 25 July 2019 are reserved for make-up class in case there is any cancellation of classes due to bad weather or other unexpected factors.)
Class Time 9:00am – 11:30am
Class Location WMY 508 | CUHK Map
(Wu Ho Man Yuen Building – WMY)
Teacher Mr. Michael CHUNG
School of Chinese Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Email micchung@cuhk.edu.hk
Medium of Instruction Cantonese
Course Description This course provides students a general understanding of the medical philosophy of Chinese Medicine (CM) and also the health preservation and disease healing concepts. Several CM related topics such as acupuncture, massage therapy, CM diagnostic methods and herbal medicines will be included. Apart from regular lectures, students would have chances to practice various basic techniques and interact with lecturers through different activities. This module is delivered in Cantonese.



Course Content
  1. Philosophical Concepts in TCM 四時與陰陽
  2. Diagnostic Methods of TCM 司外而揣内
  3. Herbs and formulations 方劑與藥材
  4. Visit herbal garden 何處尋芳草
  5. Therapeutics in Chinese Medicine 冬病從夏治
  6. Meridians and acupuncture 針灸與經絡
  7. Manipulative Therapies in TC 回春之妙手
  8. Career as a TCM practitioner 懸壺以濟世
Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course, these students should be able to

  1. familiarize with the principles and glossaries of Chinese Medicine that are applicable to daily lives;
  2. experience the hands-on clinical skills of Chinese Medicine including diagnostics, herbal agents, acupuncture and manipulative therapy, and understand the skill standard of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.



  1. 對中醫的原理和術語有初步的認知,並能聯系日常生活應用之中。
  2. 體驗中醫四診、中藥、針灸、推拿,了解中醫師日常的工作要求。
Recommended Reading(s) / Reference(s)
  1. 吳敦序︰《中醫基礎理論》(上海科學技術出版社,1995年)
  2. 梁頌名等:《中醫臟腑槪說》香港中文大學出版社,1999
  3. 神農氏(資訊站) http://shen-nong.com
  4. 香港中文大學中醫學院:《強身健體穴位按摩法》手機應用程式
  5. 香港中文大學中醫學院:《煲中藥》手機應用程式
Course Assessment Coursework: Activity worksheet (5×20%)