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International Summer School (July Session)

IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business

Demonstrate your professionalism as a young executive with new perspectives!


As part of the CUHK International Summer School (ISS) July session, IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business provides an opportunity for you to integrate knowledge acquired from your business studies with real business issues in Asia by visiting corporations and attending seminars in Singapore and Thailand. You will be able to exchange your idea with a group of 40 students from around the world and learn first-hand business strategies from experts in different fields.

Through the visits and training of this course, you will possess:

  • The ability to propose strategies in a global environment
  • Specific knowledge in one or more functional areas of business management
  • Effective business communication and presentation skills

The course syllabus is available HERE.

IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business is only open to students taking two concurrent courses at the ISS July session (IBBA4010 plus one other course). You cannot withdraw from the second course, or drop your second course without a replacement; it must also be a morning class since the class time of IBBA4010 will be in the afternoon. IBBA4010 will start earlier then the regular ISS programme and you will be required to arrive Hong Kong by 13 June 2018. Application deadlines will also be earlier than other ISS applications, on 10 April 2018 (non-CUHK students) and 30 April 2018 (CUHK students) respectively. All fees paid are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.


Course Schedule

Suggested Arrival in Hong Kong (Hostel check-in 1) 13 June 2018 (Wed)
IBBA4010 Briefing Session 14 June 2018 (Thu)
IBBA4010 Class 1 & Company Visit 1 15 June 2018 (Fri)
Hostel check-out 1 16 June 2018 (Sat)
IBBA4010 Study Trips to Singapore and Thailand 16 -24 June 2018
Hostel check-in 2 24 June 2018 (Sun)
Orientation & Welcome Dinner for all ISS participants 26 June 2018 (Tue)
First Class of other ISS courses 27 June 2018 (Wed)
After Trip Classes of IBBA4010 28 June 2018 (Thu)
11 July 2018 (Wed)
12 July 2018 (Thu)
Last Class of other ISS courses 26 July 2018 (Thu)
Make-up Class 27 July 2018 (Fri)
Final Exam 30 July 2018 (Mon)
Farewell Party 30 July 2018 (Mon)
Hostel check-out 2 1 August 2018 (Wed)
Optional Beijing Tour 1 – 4 August 2018 (Wed – Sat)



CUHK student Exchange student Non-local fee-paying student Local fee-paying student
Tuition Waived HK$14,352 / US$1,840 (6-credit)
Study Trip Fee for IBBA4010 Issues in Asian Business# HK$10,000 / US$1,290 (tentative) *
On-Campus Accommodation Fee (exclusive of pre-study trip period) N/A HK$5,130 / US$662
Administration & Activities Fee N/A HK$3,800 / US$488 HK$3,800 / US$488 HK$2,400/ US$308
Visa Application Fee N/A HK$580 / US$75 HK$580 / US$75 N/A
Refundable Hostel Deposit N/A HK$1,000 / US$129
Refundable Caution Money N/A HK$450 / US$58

#You will need to settle the study trip fee directly to the travel agent and the additional 3 nights hostel fees (13 – 16 June, optional) to the ISS, both by credit card mail order. All other fees mentioned above will be settled through the online application system. Details of the mail order will be sent to you by e-mail if you are accepted into the programme.

* Students who officially submit their application for IBBA4010 on or before 10 April 2018 (Tuesday) would enjoy a study trip fee reduction: 

Admission Type Fee reduction for applications submitted
on or before 10 April 2018 (Tuesday)
CUHK students Up to HK$5,000
Exchange students Up to HK$5,000
Local/Non-local fee paying students Up to HK$3,000

The fee reduction will be offered as a refund through a cash cheque upon completion of the CUHK International Summer School (July session). The name on the cash cheque will be identical to the name of the payee of the study trip fees. Requests for a name change on the cash cheque must be accompanied by a written approval from the study trip fees payee. All name change requests must reach Ms. Jessie Yeung (jessieyeung@cuhk.edu.hk) by 15 June 2018 (Friday).

The study trip fee includes:

  1. Economy roundtrip tickets from Hong Kong to Singapore and Bangkok;
  2. 8 nights of hotel accommodation with breakfast (shared twin rooms);
  3. 3 group dinners;
  4. Coach transfer between airports, hotels and companies on visiting plan;
  5. Service charges and gratuities for local tour guides and drivers;
  6. Airport taxes and fuel surcharges; and
  7. 15% TIC levy

The study trip fee excludes:

  1. Your travel insurance;
  2. Tourist visa if you need a visa to visit Singapore and/or Thailand; and
  3. Your personal expenses



  • All fees paid are non-refundable unless otherwise specified. The caution money and hostel deposit (if applicable) will be refunded in late October if there is no outstanding payment.
  • To be considered as an exchange student, the student’s home institution must have an existing exchange agreement with CUHK and has officially nominated the student for exchange.
  • The administration & activities fee for non-local students covers orientation, farewell, cultural and weekend activities.
  • The administration & activities fee for local students covers orientation, farewell, and cultural activities. Local students can join weekend activities by paying a participation fee.
  • The on-campus accommodation fee does not include a meal plan.
  • The visa fee covers a student visa to Hong Kong only. All non-local students will be required to pay the visa fee through the online application system upon confirmation of registration. The following students will receive a refund for any visa fee overcharged: Hong Kong residents who applied as exchange student and do not need student visas; students attending both ISS July and August Sessions and other CUHK summer programmes (if applicable); and current students in the International Asian Studies Programme (IASP) who extend their study at CUHK.