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Summer Institute (SI)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am a Secondary 4 student; can I apply for the CUHK Summer Institute?

A: Yes, Secondary 4 students (or equivalent) can still apply to the programme but priority will be given to Secondary 5 students (or equivalent).


Q: Do I need a student visa to study in the CUHK Summer Institute?

A: If you DO NOT have the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong, you are required to obtain a student visa for studying in Hong Kong. For more details, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).


Q: How can I apply for a student visa?

A: A set of visa application forms and guidelines will be included in your welcome pack when you have confirmed your admission and settled all fees. Follow the guidelines, complete and return the application forms together with supporting documents via courier by the stipulated deadline. We will submit your visa application to the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) (HK Immigration). It takes about 8-10 weeks for HK Immigration to process a student visa/entry permit application. To avoid delays, do follow the instructions and provide us with the necessary documentation. Whether a student visa/entry permit is issued or not is at the discretion of the HK Immigration.


Q: I do not have a Hong Kong permanent identity card, but my passport allows me to travel to Hong Kong without a visa. Is it necessary for me to apply for a student visa for the Summer Institute?

A: Yes, it is necessary for all non-local students (non-HKID holders) to apply for a student visa to participate in the Summer Institute. The visa-free entry only applies to vocational travel, not academic travel.


Q: How many courses can I take in total?

A: You will take two courses in total, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.


Q: How should I select the courses?

A: You are recommended to select courses in two different areas for the morning and afternoon sessions so that you can learn about different academic disciplines. It will help you identify your academic interests for your future university studies.


Q: Are there any assignments and/or assessments?

A: Yes, there will be assignments and assessments for each course. Assessments may be in the form of quizzes, individual/group presentations, or in whatever way the course offering department and teacher(s) see fit.

Orientation and Graduation Camp

Q: What is the Hello Hong Kong orientation activity? /I am a local student. Can I join this orientation? /If I joined Hello Hong Kong, do I still need to participate the orientation camp?

A: The Hello Hong Kong orientation activity is a two-day orientation activity catered to participants coming from outside Hong Kong. It helps participants to settle down in their student hostels and introduces them to the city of Hong Kong. Local students are excluded from the Hello Hong Kong orientation. International students who join the Hello Hong Kong orientation are still required to join the orientation camp, which includes all participants of the SI programme.


Q: What will I do during the orientation camp?

A: You will participate in a series of teambuilding activities during the orientation camp. Through these activities, you will gain a better understanding of CUHK and your groupmates coming from all parts of the world.


Q: What will I do during the graduation camp?

A: Reflective activities and sharing sessions will be arranged at the graduation camp. Everyone will gather to celebrate your success in completing the programme.


Q: Who will lead the orientation camp and graduation camp?

A: A group of current CUHK students will lead the two camps and act as your mentors. They will not only tell you the best place to eat at CUHK and the shortcuts to different locations on campus, but also provide first-hand experience on how to prepare for public examinations and adapt to the university learning environment.

Living On-campus

Q: What kind of room will I be living in on-campus?

A: You will be assigned to a double- or triple- occupancy room at a student hostel. No single-rooms will be provided. Your roommates will be assigned by the Office of Academic Links.


Q: Can my parents come and stay with me on-campus?

A: No, only participants of the CUHK Summer Institute can reside on-campus.


Q: Is there access to computers/the Internet on-campus?

A: Each student will be assigned with a computer account, which can be used for accessing computer facilities on-campus. High-speed Internet connections are also available in each hostel room at no extra charge. You will need to bring your own laptop computer/tablet/phone to access the internet in your hostel room.