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Summer Institute (SI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to apply for CUHK Summer Institute?
A1. Only online application with all relevant supporting documents submitted within the designated application period would be considered.
Q2. Who can apply for the CUHK Summer Institute?
A2. CUHK Summer Institute welcomes students who are applying to universities soon. Priority will be given to Secondary 5 students and students studying in local (HKDSE) or other equivalent international curricula.
Q3. What will the programme consider when selecting applicants?
A3. Applications would be reviewed case by case. We generally consider an applicant’s academic performance at school.
Q4. Will there be any interviews?
A4. No.

Q1. How many courses can I take in total?
A1. You will enroll in one or two courses, one in the morning session and/or another in the afternoon session.
Q2. Can I take only one course?
A2. Yes, in view of the latest development in the COVID-19 pandemic, the CUHK Summer Institute (SI) will be transformed to a credit-bearing online programme. Participants will take one to two courses in SI, one in the morning session and/ or another in the afternoon session.
Q3. What courses are offered at CUHK Summer Institute?
A3. CUHK Summer Institute offers a wide range of courses, covering subject areas including arts, business administration, engineering, law, medicine, science and social science. Courses are taught by renowned CUHK faculty members. For some courses, pre-requisite and background knowledge are required. Please refer to the Academic Courses section for details.
Q4. What is the medium of instruction used during the courses?
A4. English will be used for most of the courses unless otherwise specified. Please refer to the Academic Courses section for details.
Q5. How should I select the courses?
A5. You are highly recommended to enroll to courses in two different areas for the morning and afternoon sessions to learn about different academic disciplines. This helps you to identify your academic interests for future university studies.
Q6. How do I get enrolled to academic courses?
A6. When you apply online for the CUHK Summer Institute, you need to give preference for courses you intend to study. We would consider the course capacity for assignment of courses.
Q7. How will I be assessed in the courses?
A7. Each course adopts a different assessment scheme. Assessments may be in the form of quizzes and individual/ group presentations. Please refer to the Academic Courses section for details.
Q8. What should I prepare for the online courses?
A8. Students are suggested to prepare a desktop/laptop computer equipped with a microphone, a web camera, conference software and high-speed internet connection for CUHK online courses. The use of tablet is not recommended.

Q1. If I am directly sponsored by school, how can I join the SI program?
A1. If you are directly sponsored by school, please ask your school to contact us (email: si@cuhk.edu.hk) for special payment arrangement.
Q2. Are there any scholarships or bursaries available?
A2. For students with outstanding academic credentials, you can apply for Merit Award which covers up to 50% of your programme fee. Please note that the deadline for applying Merit Award is earlier than the deadline of applying for SI.


While for students with financial needs, you can apply for Financial Assistance which covers up to 100% of your programme fee. Please note that the deadline for providing relative support documents.