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Summer Institute (SI)

Academic Courses

The CUHK Summer Institute offers a wide variety of courses that cover topics in arts, business administration, education, engineering, law, medicine, science and social science which are specially designed for senior secondary school students as previews of university-level studies. You will be able to explore various subject areas through these short courses, which will be taught by outstanding CUHK faculty members. You will take two courses, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Each course, consisting approximately 15 contact hours (including lectures, tutorials and/or laboratory sessions and a final assessment), has six sessions with each session lasting for about 2.5 hours.

The course list of the 2018 SI will be available in late January. In the meantime, you can have a look at the 2017 course list below to get an idea of what will be offered.


2017 Course List (2018 course list to be announced)

Course 1 (Morning Session)

ARTM 1711 Arts Japanese Popular Culture and Asian Creative Industry
BSAM 1712 Business Administration Creativity in Business
BSAM 1713 Business Administration Using Accounting Information for Investment and Managerial Decision
LAWM 1714 Law Climate Change, Law, and Politics
MEDM 1715 Medicine Perspectives in Medical Sciences (Class A)
MEDM 1716 Medicine Introduction to Chinese Medicine
ERGM 1717 Engineering Robots: Automating the Future
SCIM 1718 Science Frontiers in Biological Science
SSCM 1719 Social Science Structure in Architecture


Course 2 (Afternoon Session)

ARTM 1721 Arts 看電影談哲學 (Philosophy Through Film)
BSAM 1722 Business Administration Using Essentials of Marketing
LAWM 1723 Law The Law of Internet Domain Names Dispute: Principles and Practice
MEDM 1724 Medicine Discovering What Nurses Actually Do: A Snapshot of Nursing Practice
MEDM 1725 Medicine Perspectives in Medical Sciences (Class B)
SCIM 1726 Science Introduction to University Physics
SCIM 1727 Science Essentials of Organic Chemistry
SSCM 1728 Social Science Exploring the World’s Natural Wonders
CHIM 1729 Chinese Language 中文趣讀與創意寫作