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SURP 2019
Dina-Leigh SIMONS
The University of Sheffield, UK
SURP 2019
“If I could only describe SURP in three words, they would be jam-packed, impressive and supportive. I worked in a marine laboratory on ocean warming and did a combination of lab, field and office work to complete my project. The work environment was really fun. I thought SURP was absolutely amazing and would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering joining.”
SURP 2018
Harvard College, US
SURP 2018
“I worked on a project about ozone pollution. The experience gave me a taste of the complexity of environmental problems and the math that might be used to help solve them. It’s encouraging that there’s so much interesting work to be done to figure this out.”

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP)

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP). The programme details for SURP 2021 will be available at the end of 2020/early 2021.


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Summer Research@CUHK

The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) provides an opportunity for international undergraduate students to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at CUHK during the summer. Students will conduct research under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member and earn three credits upon successful completion of the programme.


70+ research topics

80 students

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  • Develop research skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest
  • Join a world-class research team and work alongside leading experts in the field
  • Experience postgraduate studies first hand
  • Establish professional networks for future career
  • Spend the summer in the vibrant Asia’s World City Hong Kong
  • Immerse in the local culture through activities and excursions
  • Guaranteed on-campus housing to live with other local and international students

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Eligibility Number of Participants
Full-time senior undergraduate students currently registered at an overseas and non-Chinese university with good academic standing.


Up to 80 undergraduate students will be hosted. Admission rests with the CUHK host supervisors.


Programme Dates Credits
SURP will take place during 27 June–22 August 2020 for eight weeks.


Students will be registered in a 3-credit course titled ‘Independent Research on International Studies II’ to conduct a research project. A transcript will be issued to their home institution upon successful completion. Final decision on credit transfer will be determined by the home institution.


Research Topics Language
Some 70 research topics are offered by CUHK host supervisors. Please visit HERE for more information.


Research work and reports will be conducted in English. However, different projects may have different language requirements as set out by the supervisors.
Activities  Housing
Participants will be immersed in the local culture through a series of orientation and cultural activities, including research talk and meeting with emerging entrepreneurs.


On-campus housing will be arranged on a shared room basis.


Please click onto the tab below for the details of the programme timeline.

Month Event
Dec 2019 Applications Open Now!
17 Feb 2020 Application Deadline
Apr 2020 Announce Application Results
27 Jun 2020 Arrive in Hong Kong (Hostel Check-In)
29 Jun 2020 Orientation
Jun – Aug 2020 Cultural Tours, Research Talk & Other Social Activities
Aug 2020 Poster Sharing Session
22 Aug 2020 Last Day of Hostel Check-Out

Watch the video to find out what past host supervisors and participants say about SURP!

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