PSYC1000 General Psychology

Course PSYC1000 General Psychology
Class Time Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16:30 – 19:15 (GMT+8)
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Teacher Dr. Roy de KLEIJN
Course Description A broad-based introduction to the study of behaviour and mental processes. This course is suitable for students who might be interested in taking further courses in psychology. Topics include learning, development, psychotherapy, the brain and states of consciousness, sensation and perception, memory, social behaviour, personality, psychological disorders, coping and health, stress, and others.
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Remark(s) Not for students who have obtained the following grade in Psychology: IB – 5 or above (HL)/GCE-AL – C or above (AL)/Cambridge Pre-U – P2 or above (Principal course)/HKALE – C or above (AL)/AP Exam – 3 or above.

Not for students who have taken UGED2581.


Dr. Roy de KLEIJN is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University. He holds degrees in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and Psychology from Leiden University. He coordinates and lectures in the Introduction to Cognitive Science course for students in the Artificial Intelligence program at Leiden University. His research interests include the computational nature of cognition: how is information represented in the brain, and what kind of computations are involved in our cognitive processes? To study this, he uses computer simulations of robots endowed with digital brains, to see what kind of problems these robots can solve, and what their brain architecture should look like to solve different problems.