CCSS2450 Business and China

Course CCSS2450 Business and China
Class Time Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16:30 – 19:15 (GMT+8)
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Teacher Professor Chen LI
Course Description This course examines the broad economic and political context in which business operates in China. Both business firms and government organizations have to respond to changing external environment. They can also proactively shape their environment by their strategies, policies and relations. In this course, we will learn about the institutional foundations of China’s political economic system and the key economic, political, and social factors that affect China’s business environment. It examines strategies, management and leadership both from the macro and micro perspectives. It examines China’s enterprise reforms in a global context. It will involve theoretical and macro-level analysis with detailed empirical analysis, as well as considerable examination of in-depth case studies from large Chinese firms. The issues we cover have profound implications and importance for business and society in China as well as multinational companies.
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Professor Chen LI is an Assistant Professor at the CUHK Centre for China Studies. He has researched, written and taught on a wide range of issues in China’s political economy, development strategy, public policy, institutional reforms and business environment in the global context. He received his PhD and MPhil in development studies from the University of Cambridge and dual bachelor degrees of law and economics from Peking University. Professor LI has been frequently interviewed by international and local media, with views quoted by FortuneWall Street JournalThe EconomistLianhe Zaobao (Singapore) and South China Morning Post, among others. He also regularly contributes opinion pieces to China Daily.