UGEC2353 World Economic Order

Course UGEC2353 World Economic Order
Class Time Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16:30 – 19:15 (GMT+8)
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Teacher Dr. Wilson CHAN
Course Description This course aims to provide students the foundational knowledge on the operation of the world economy and examine how social, political, and institutional factors contribute to creating global economic order. It examines the intertwining and interaction of economics (wealth creation) and politics (political power) in global affairs.


As an introductory course to Global Political Economy (GPE), the course will first offer a general survey of the key concepts and major theoretical perspectives in the study of GPE. In the second part, the course will cover various policy issues and discuss how the world economy is transformed by globalization, focusing on the development of various international and regional institutions that govern the current economic order. The course will be concluded with a discussion of the latest global economic governance trends, with a particular focus on the transforming role of national states and the endeavours of international development on poverty and inequality reduction.

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UGEC2353 is double-coded with GLSD2501. Not for CUHK students who have taken GLSD2501.


Dr. Wilson CHAN is the Director of Research in Orientis. He was a Lecturer at the CUHK Global Studies Programme and Master of Global Political Economy Programme, where he continues to teach in part-time basis. Dr. CHAN received his PhD from Lancaster University and his research interests include European foreign policy, port diplomacy, contemporary geopolitics, and external relations of Hong Kong. Apart from his formal duties, Dr. Chan is invited to share his observations on various topics ranging from global politics in local and foreign media to Tarot reading in leisure time.