Science Academy for Young Talent – Summer Course 2022

Programme Science Academy for Young Talent – Summer Course 2022

少年英才科學院 – 2022夏季課程











CUHK Organising Unit Science Academy for Young Talent
Programme Overview 少年英才科學院致力培育具有科學天分的中學生。本年度,學院將舉辦14個夏季課程,適合中一至中六學生修讀。詳情如下:

1. STEM1050 微納生物傳感技術
2. SAYT1001 有機化合物的鍵合,與有機反應的活性及選擇性
3. SAYT1016 數據科學:推理、預測和學習

1. CUSA1071 化學的真相
2. CUSA1081 科學中的一些精彩發現:其背後的原理、重要性及應用
3. CUSA1091 色彩斑斕的化學世界
4. CUSA1013 生物醫學大發現
5. CUSA1043 日常生活中的生命科學
6. CUSA2023 仿生學淺談
7. CUSA2043 海洋啟示錄
8. CUSA1035 原子世界的奧秘
9. CUSA1085 太空探索者的宇宙生存指南
10. CUSA1026 統計模型及大數據分析
11. CUSA1007 氣候物理與化學
有興趣的同學可於5月31日前於網上報名 (STEM1050的截止報名日期為5月13日)。有關課程詳情,請瀏覽本學院的網頁:

(English Version)
Science Academy for Young Talent is dedicated to nurturing secondary school students who are talented in science by providing different enrichment courses. The Academy is going to offer 14 courses during July to August 2022:

Category I-University Credit Bearing
(Students who complete the course and meet its requirement can apply for credit exemption when they study at CUHK)
1. STEM1050 Micro- and Nano-technology for Biosensing
2. SAYT1001 Bondings in Organic Compounds, and Reactivity and Selectivity of Organic Reactions
3. SAYT1016 Data Science: Inference, Prediction and Learning

Category II-Academy Credit Bearing
(Student can accumulate credits which will be regarded as “Other Learning Experiences” when applying university)
1. CUSA1071 How Chemistry Works
2. CUSA1081 Some Amazing Discoveries in Science: Principles behind, their Importance, and their Applications
3. CUSA1091 Artistic and Colourful Chemistry
4. CUSA1013 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences
5. CUSA1043 Life Science in Daily Life
6. CUSA2023 Introduction to Bionics
7. CUSA2043 An Ocean of Inspiration and Beauty
8. CUSA1035 Mysteries in the Atomic World
9. CUSA1085 The Space Explorer’s Survival Guide to the Universe
10. CUSA1026 Statistical Modeling and Big Data Analytics
11. CUSA1007 Climate Physics and Chemistry

Interested students can apply through our website until 31 May (the application deadline for STEM1050 is 13 May 2022). For further information, please visit our homepage:

Programme Period 2 Jul – 31 Aug 2022
Delivery Mode
  • Face-to-face Teaching
  • Online Learning
  • please refer to course outline for teaching format
Location(s) Hong Kong
Programme Nature
  • Academic Studies
Target Students
  • Hong Kong Students
Level of Study Requirement
  • Secondary School Students
Credit-bearing No
Programme Fee HKD800 – HKD3,780
Application Period 27 Apr – 31 May 2022
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Last updated on 29 April 2022