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Summer Institute (SI)

Academic Courses

The CUHK Summer Institute offers a wide variety of courses that cover topics in arts, business administration, education, engineering, law, medicine, science and social science which are specially designed for senior secondary school students as previews of university-level studies.

Students will be able to explore various subject areas through these short courses taught by outstanding CUHK faculty members. Each course consists of 15 contact hours. Depending on the course design, course contents may include lectures, tutorials, discussions, laboratory demonstrations, field trips, visits, quizzes and/or a final assessment.

Upon successful completion of the courses and fulfilling the requirements as specified by the courses, students may earn a maximum of two credits as free or major elective(s) which may count towards their undergraduate studies at CUHK in the future (with the exception of some programmes). Click here to know more about how the credit system works.

There are 18 courses on offer in SI 2023. Courses will be conducted with in-person mode on CUHK campus.


Course List  

Course 1 (Morning Session 9:00am – 11:30am) 

Course Code Faculty Course Title (English)
ARTS0001(A) Arts Introduction to the Humanities (A) –
Language and Society 101
BSAM0001 Business Administration Applied Game Theory for Business
SIME1020 Engineering Robotics: Automating the Future
LAWS0009 Law Foundations of Company Law
BCME1105 Medicine Introduction to Chinese Medicine
SBMS0201(A) Medicine Current Topics in Medical Sciences
LSCI1004 Science Frontiers in Biological Sciences
ARCH1003 Social Science Structure in Architecture


Course 2 (Afternoon Session 1:00pm – 3:30pm)

Course Code Faculty Course Title (English)
ARTS0001(B) Arts Introduction to the Humanities (B) –
Introduction to Philosophy of Animals
BSAM0002 Business Administration Introduction to Accounting
SPED1002 Education Fitness Trends for Exercise and Health
ELEG1700 Engineering Smart Home System Creation and APP Design
LAWS0008 Law The Avengers, Superheroes and the Law
NURS1000 Medicine Discovering What Nurses Actually Do: A Snapshot of Nursing Practice
PHPC0221 Medicine Current Topics in Public Health
SBMS0201(B) Medicine Current Topics in Medical Sciences
STAT0001 Science Statistics in Our Society
COMM1210 Social Science Introduction to Creative and New Media: Video Production
GRMD0401 Social Science Understanding Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

   Courses are subject to approval. 

   Course availability is subject to the final decision of faculties, programmes and units.

   Each course has a limited enrolment quota.


  Last updated on 27 February 2023