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International Summer School (July Session)

Application Procedures for CUHK Students


Application begins

Step 1


*You will receive your application result by email, normally within a month. Your application process will be delayed if you are unable to submit all required information and/or documents at the time you submit your application.

Accept offer of admission

Step 2

  • Log-in the application system to confirm the course(s) offered
  • Settle the fees within 3 working days after your application is approved (We accept Visa and MasterCard)

Stay tuned for notices

Step 3

  • Check your email frequently for notices from our office


Notes for CUHK students:

  • University Summer Session (USS) organized by the RES for CUHK students ONLY runs every May to July before ISS. For details or enquiries, please contact the RES.
  • CUHK students can take a maximum of two University General Education courses (GEF courses and courses in the Four Areas inclusive), from among those offered in the USS and the ISS during the summer term.
  • Except with the prior permission of the Dean of the Faculty to which the student belongs, a student shall take no more than 6 units of courses in each summer (including both USS and ISS), and is subject to a limit of no more than 39 units (for new curriculum) in an academic year. Please seek approval and submit the “Application for Exceeding Course Load in Summer Session (via CUSIS)” if such arrangement is needed.
  • Students can add or drop ISS courses during the ISS add/drop period (except for CUHK final term students) if places are available. However, if they drop a course without a replacement, the course deposit will NOT be refunded, except if they withdraw from the ISS in order to attend the USS.
  • Students who withdraw from the ISS for the USS and wish to receive a full refund of their course deposit(s) must notify the Office of Academic Links in writing and provide proof of participation in the USS afterwards.
Got a question?

Email your questions to iss@cuhk.edu.hk with your full name and application number!