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CUHK Summer Institute (SI)


Important Dates 

6 April 2022 Online Application Starts
13 May 2022 Early Bird Discount Application Deadline
13 May 2022 Merit Awards Application Deadline
13 June 2022 Financial Assistance Application Deadline
13 June 2022 General Application Deadline

Application Procedures  

1. Read the programme information and application procedures below in details.

2. Identify the type of application and the course(s) you are interested in, one in the morning and/or another one in the afternoon.

Application Type Deadline
Early Bird Discount 13 May 2022
Merit Awards

  • Program for the Gifted and Talented (PGT), CUHK; or
  • Science Academy for Young Talent (SAYT), CUHK; or
  • School Recommendation

    Mainland China (Gaokao)

 13 May 2022

Financial Assistance 

  • Financial Assistance Scheme
  • Financial Assistance Form

13 June 2022
General Application 13 June 2022

3. Create an account in the online application system.

4. Fill in the required information and upload supporting documents.

Supporting Documents Channel of Submission
All Application School examination reports for the last TWO terms (i.e. Final Term, 2020 – 2021 and 1st Term, 2021 – 2022)


Explanation should be given in Section 9 of the online application if the required school examination reports cannot be provided. 

  • Via online application system
Merit Award
  • Certificate from PGT/SAYT; or
  • School Recommendation Form
  • Via online application system
  • Via CUHK Portal
Financial Assistance
  • Financial Assistance
    Application Form
  • Supporting Documents
  • Via online application system
  • Via CUHK Portal

5. Submit online application. Successful applicant will receive an auto-confirmation email that contains your application number (SI22xxxx).

6. Receive application result through email from June to July.

7. Accept offer online and settle the total fees payable to CUHK through online payment by Visa or MasterCard within four calendar days.

8. Receive “Confirmation of Admission” together with a welcome pack within ten working days after your payment is confirmed.

9. Return the signed “Confirmation of Admission” and required documents according to the specified deadlines.

For enquiries, please contact us through e-mail (si@cuhk.edu.hk) by quoting your full name and online application number (SI22xxxx).