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Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP)


Summer Research@CUHK

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP). The programme details for SURP 2023 will be available early 2023.


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The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students from overseas universities to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at CUHK during the summer. Students will be actively engaged in research under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member and earn three credits upon successful completion of the programme. In the summer of 2022, SURP will be offered virtually to allow students to take part in the programme without leaving home.


50+ research topics

80 students

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  • Develop research skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest
  • Join a world-class research team and work alongside leading experts in the field
  • Experience postgraduate studies first hand
  • Establish professional networks for future career
  • Immerse in the local culture through virtual activities and excursions
  • Discover new ideas through interaction with like-minded students

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Eligibility Number of Participants
Full-time senior undergraduate students currently registered at an overseas and non-Chinese university with good academic standing.


Up to 80 undergraduate students will be hosted. Admission rests with the CUHK host supervisors.


Programme Dates Credits
SURP will take place during 27 June–19 August 2022 for eight weeks. Students are expected to devote at least 20 hours per week to the research project. Supervisors will discuss the actual time commitment with their students upon admission.


Students will be registered in a 3-credit course titled ‘Independent Research on International Studies’ to conduct a research project. A transcript will be issued to their home institution upon successful completion. Final decision on credit transfer will be determined by the home institution.


Research Topics Language
Some 50 research topics are offered by CUHK host supervisors. Please visit HERE for more information.


Research work and reports will be conducted in English. However, different projects may have different language requirements as set out by the supervisors.


Online Activities  
Participants will be immersed in the local culture through a series of online orientation and cultural activities.



Please click onto the tab below for the details of the programme timeline.

Month Event
Jan 2022 Open for Applications
21 Feb 2022 Application Deadline for 1st Round
1 Apr 2022 Application Deadline for 2nd Round
Apr – May 2022 Result Announcement
27 Jun 2022 Virtual Orientation
Jun – Aug 2022 Online Cultural Tours, Research Talk & Social Activities
Aug 2022 Research Presentation Session
19 Aug 2022 Last Day of Programme

Watch the video to find out what past host supervisors and participants say about SURP!

Time management & academic writing skills significantly improved

Despite the time difference and dependence on zoom, I think the project worked well as it allowed some flexibility which was welcome for the summer holiday whilst also supplying plenty of work and interesting activities to learn about Hong Kong. My time management and academic writing skills have significantly improved as a result of this programme and it was nice to have relevant experience available during this awful pandemic.
Cardiff University, UK  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Glad to meet other students & friends from all around the world

Throughout the programme, I have improved my research skills and my knowledge of my chosen research area through extra readings, video demonstrations, quizzes, discussions, and presentations with our host supervisor. The organisation of the programme is good and I can follow it clearly. Most importantly, I am glad that I meet other students and friends from all around the world. I gained a lot in these two months.
University of Birmingham, UK  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Jam-packed & supportive

If I could only describe SURP in three words, they would be jam-packed, impressive and supportive. I worked in a marine laboratory on ocean warming and did a combination of lab, field and office work to complete my project. The work environment was really fun. I thought SURP was absolutely amazing and would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering joining.
Dina-Leigh SIMONS
The University of Sheffield, UK  I  SURP 2019

A taste of research complexity

I worked on a project about ozone pollution. The experience gave me a taste of the complexity of environmental problems and the math that might be used to help solve them. It’s encouraging that there’s so much interesting work to be done to figure this out.
Harvard College, US  I  SURP 2018

A good programme to get more experience in research

SURP is a good programme to get more experience in research. The guidance of my supervisor is just right. She encourages us to come up with ideas and work independently but still provides us with the help that we needed.
Dyah Ayu Nurun NAFISAH
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Loved the experience

Though virtual, it was a wonderful experience to get hands on skills in conducting research in public health! Loved the experience.
University of Glasgow, UK  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Really excited to have met like-minded students

My favourite experience was getting to know another student in my group. We realised we both had the same difficulties with certain tasks and lots in common outside of the programme! I’m really excited to have met like-minded students and developed relationships with people interested in a similar field.
Jassica ENUM
University of Hertfordshire, UK  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Definitely recommend this programme to others

Overall, it was a good experience, got to learn new things, new perspective, a lot about Hong Kong culture. Got a chance to enhance my research skills. I would definitely recommend this programme to others too.
National Institute of Technology Delhi, India  I  Virtual SURP 2021

Sense of ownership & accomplishment

There has been lots of hands-on lab work. Being able to work on parts of the project from the start gives me a sense of ownership and accomplishment. I loved the interaction with the locals, going on lunches with my host supervisor and the team to discover different food.
University of Graz, Austria  I  SURP 2018

Totally changed my view on lab research

This attachment has totally changed my view on lab research. I have my first encounter with eastern and western integrative medicine, and have really enjoyed seeing how the research gets applied into clinical practice.
Henry KIM
University of California, Berkeley, US  I  SURP 2017

A precious chance

SURP has given me a precious chance to explore more about the specific topic I am interested in, as well as guided me with my future choice and direction of postgraduate degrees. Additionally, I have established some professional networks with the supervisors, current Ph.D. students, and other international students through this wonderful project.
Lijin FENG
University College London, UK  I  SURP 2019

Great summer at CUHK

It was a great summer at CUHK. SURP allows me to re-think about my future plans on my study. Also, the members of the host laboratory are kind and willing to teach me a lot of things. I did learn a lot from them.
Joyce KIM
Korea University, South Korea  I  SURP 2018

Life changing experience

It has been a life changing experience at CUHK. This programme has given me the opportunity to challenge myself. I have made friends in this programme that I know would last a lifetime and a myriad of memories that will be remembered forever.
University of Waterloo, Canada  I  SURP 2016